*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Home Law Solutions is not affiliated with or otherwise associated with the United States Government or any governmental agency, is not a governmental homeowners’ agency, is not a non-profit housing counseling agency or a mortgage servicer. HLS is an independent private law firm providing mortgage assistance for homeowners that have fallen behind on their payments. HLS does not accept clients in the State Of New Mexico.

Have You Fallen Behind On Your Mortgage Payments?
Are You In Or At Risk Of Foreclosure? Do You Have A Sale Date? 

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Home Law Solutions assists homeowners in all situations get back on track with their monthly mortgage payments. If you are at risk of foreclosure, already in foreclosure, received a sale date, or need assistance in lowering your monthly payment or interest rate, we have proven solutions that can help. When you fall behind on your monthly mortgage payments, professional representation that remains focused on protecting your interest in your property is oftentimes the difference between keeping or losing your home. Please review the information below. If any of the following apply to you, complete the "Request Help Now" form below.

Have You Been Denied Assistance? Is Your Lender Refusing Payment?

Working directly with your lender has the lowest success rate when it comes to achieving positive results. This is especially true for homeowners that have received a modification in the past, have fallen behind again and need further assistance. Now that government programs have expired, it has become a nightmare. Self-representation leaves you at the mercy of your lender. They will always do what is in the best for them, not you.


When your lender refuses payment, they have invested into the steps required to pursue possession of your property and their motivation to do so. They devote significant resources internally and retain outside attorneys who specialize in foreclosure and eviction law. Without equal knowledge and understanding of mortgage law, updated guidelines and requirements, you are simply not able to effectively protect your home.


  •        Homeowners that are currently past due on monthly mortgage payments
  •        Homeowners that are at risk of or have already gone into foreclosure
  •        Homeowners that have received a notice of sale or pending acquisition


  •        Homeowners that have been trying to get help for more than 3 months


  •        Homeowners that are are having their payments refused and or returned


  •        Homeowners that are being asked for the full past due balance they owe

Who Is Home Law Solutions & Are They A Reputable Company?

  Licensed With The State Bar Association & Accredited With The Better Business Bureau 

Home Law Solutions has spent years providing affordable, low cost solutions to homeowners behind on mortgage payments. We highly encourage anyone searching for reputable mortgage assistance to complete their own thorough due diligence on our organization. The information below demonstrates a long history of being in business for years, free from the volumes of complaints and negative feedback surrounding companies you need to stay far away from. 

Home Law Solutions is accredited and holding an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For decades the BBB has remained a trusted organization, protecting consumers and helping them identify and locate trustworthy businesses. Gaining accreditation from the BBB means that our business meets all the standards which demonstrate our commitment to the highest level of business ethics. Please read through the dozens of positive reviews from previous homeowners that have needed help with their home and have utilized our assistance. We are proud of our reputation and work extremely hard to protect it.

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Home Law Solutions remains licensed and active with the State Bar Association. This is the highest regulated licensing agency for law firms. This allows you to confirm that we have remained in good standings, with no type of negative marks, cases of disciplinary action or claims of professional misconduct our entire time in business. Any company that cannot provide all the proper credentials should immediately serve as a warning and a raise a red flag.

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High priced law firms charging excessive fees is simply not a practical option for many homeowners already struggling. We are proud to offer affordable solutions to many borrowers that otherwise may not be able to afford any assistance. With that being said, our service and representation is not cost free, because nothing of any true value is. If you are looking for free assistance and have already decided you will not pay anyone for help, please do not complete the form below and inquire for assistance. Unfortunately our company would not be the right fit.


Government programs have now expired and free counseling agencies do not carry a charge, but also have no concern about working to secure the help you need. When you are trying to protect your home, expertise and experience is vital. If you are genuinely searching for real solutions that can get you back on track, you are in the right place. Any cost for our service will be reasonable and as low as you can find without compromising quality. This will be determined by your current mortgage status and what issues must be addressed to get you current.


If we are able to extend you an offer, we will document this proposal in writing for you to review. You are under no obligation to accept any offer. Unfortunately, some clients based on their circumstances, will not be eligible for assistance. This is also important to know, so proper planning can begin. The most important tool you can possess is information. Understanding all your options is critical when making the best possible decision. We will provide you honest and straight-forward information, so you can decide the best course of action for you and your family.

Please read the information above before requesting a time to discuss the options regarding your home. Select a time within the next 24 hours you are available and would like to speak with Home Law Solutions.

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Our office will provide 3 days to evaluate your file at no charge. This procedure will allow us to evaluate your mortgage status, identify what needs to be addressed, and to discuss solutions that can help you. Please be advised, you must select a time within the next 24 business hours. Any requests for assistance outside of that timeframe will not be processed. We receive a high volume of requests for assistance and will only attempt to reach you once.

It is your responsibility to be available at the time you request. We will call you at the phone number and time that you indicate here. If we are unable to reach you, the file will be dispositioned as canceled and unfortunately will not be reopened. If you need help, please make sure that you select a time that works and you will be available. Your call will come from 1.800.975.0573

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